Thoughts and Prayers

woman holding red balloon on her face photo inside classroom
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Thoughts and Prayers
Catholic Priestly fears
Catatonic ever-quibbling lawmakers
Patriotic protester peers

Thoughts and Prayers
Wars for years
Weapons makers
Soldier and Civilian tears

Thoughts and Prayers
Consumer arrears
Wall Street Financial gambling
Tax-breaks/subsidies/ giveaways for corporations and billionaires

Thoughts and Prayers

Black and Brown ghetto gang crime re-appears

Police vigilantism rappers unapologetically leer

Root cause effects to cheer – unconstitutional Stop and Frisk!

Amidst the socially and economically atomized rat mice and cockroach infested

Rented poor and working class austere

Thoughts and Prayers

Assault Rifle Gunman Ripper appears!
Bloodied School children
Cry frightened with fear

Thoughts and Prayers

Medicare For All?

The “Socialist radical plan” will make our cupboards bare!

The Trillion-dollar twenty-year disaster in Afghanistan?

Let us move on with the sale of more military hardware!

The money will be legitimized by the Congress to the quick!

The childrens” lives?

Who in tar nation cares?

We support the financing of the gunware!

The politicians cry again for ever-more vigilant police

The building of violence soaked garish prisons as the tools

For the taming of the Domestic Square

The Master of the Universe governs as it relates to imperialistic exploits in foreign affairs!

Buy the bye!

The blessed antidote
The people have I swear

Another year

All together now for the Hollywood and television actors’ fawning adoring corporate cheer!

Thoughts and Prayers
Thoughts and Prayers
Thoughts and Prayers!


Published by The Appeal to Safety LLC

I am the owner of The Appeal To Safety. The Appeal to Safety is a Construction Safety Management/ Safety Consulting business. We provide Site Safety Managers/ Site Safety Coordinators/ Concrete Safety Managers/ Construction Site Fire Safety Managers for prospective NYC Construction companies that are well-versed in NYC Dept. of Buildings, FDNY, CDC, DOT and other relevant government agency codes and regulations/ safety standards. We also can provide EHS Construction Safety Managers for Heavy Civil Construction projects based in New York City and vicinity. We have a vast database of Licensed Safety Managers that we utilize to find Outstanding Safety Manager Candidates for our clients. Please contact for any and all of your Construction Safety needs! Together we will make The Appeal to Safety! Enjoy my original poetry with curated music videos! Have a great day!

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