Humanity and the Cosmos – Black Holes – Writ-Large

Ingesting fine poetry The matter is not black nor white Enhanced and advanced as can the prose be Via sound touch and sight The activist artist strives for progressive insight! The ego does not always aver towards human plight Prudence is precarious Hope traditionally said to be eternal Truth and reason blown away as flimsilyContinue reading “Humanity and the Cosmos – Black Holes – Writ-Large”

Kill The Joe Mansion And Cursed Cinema Bill!

Kill the Joe Mansion and Cursed Cinema Bill! Since when does two Senators from the President’s own Democratic Party? Have the Commander-In-Chief playing the aw-shucks can’t do nothing about it shill? Answer: When the “moderate” politicians are using Progressives to get elected Then pivoting to jettison all of their grass-roots policies After the same-old same-oldContinue reading “Kill The Joe Mansion And Cursed Cinema Bill!”

The Last Stand of Gropey

Angrier than Grumpy More demented than Dopey The Eighth Dwarf Fell short on the debate stage Last night The Last Stand of Gropey Eschewing democratic norms Of conceding graciously When the Election is lost Gropey will not wash his hands clean Of denigrating American democracy No matter the aftermath of election cost Gropey was nominatedContinue reading “The Last Stand of Gropey”


Xenophobia The Nazis! Trump and his supplicants! And racist Forest Gump’s utopia! Does not matter if you don’t know me but Vilification supports supposed superior thought Learned and taught via exposure Unmoored from nature Xenophobia runs through history’s veins Thriving and surviving Unseen Unheard Reveling in its come-uppance with the herd As slithery as aContinue reading “Xenophobia”

Deontay Wilder and the Right to Might Black Mjolnir

Deontay Wilder Murderous fighter! Blink! Hoodwinked! The Black Mjolnir will find ya! Seek and destroy! Focused and poised The Bronze Bomber Calm cool and collected Tune out the noise Third time is a charm! Too late! Call your mum The fighter with the strongest will-power wins the scrum! The terminal “guards up “reminder Someone forgotContinue reading “Deontay Wilder and the Right to Might Black Mjolnir”

Self-Proclaimed Patriots Purported Metamorphosis and Armchair General Dis-Service

American living-room armchair Generals Have never served a day Nay! even a minute in service! Either as volunteer Officer or conscript Is this why your undying conception of soldier and citizen is flipped? Soldiers salute the flag! As part of their duty to honor and protect their Motherland Great American citizens With hand over heartContinue reading “Self-Proclaimed Patriots Purported Metamorphosis and Armchair General Dis-Service”

Karl Heinrich Marx

Karl Heinrich Marx was a German writer and intellectual Who explained how a capitalist society works The process The mechanics The reasoning And thus the irrational quirks Many of  the philosopher Economist Historian Sociologist Political theorist Journalist And socialist revolutionary Marx teachings are utilized to invest in capital by Wall Street firms His onerous tomesContinue reading “Karl Heinrich Marx”

The Poor Least Department

The Poor Least Department A mother and her son Were killed in Jamaica Queens on 183rd Street When a raging flood Tore through their “hood” And into their “Illegal” basement apartment Drowning them to the quick! Along with the rodents mice cockroaches and assorted insects Of their fleeting life sustaining Solvent oxygen allotment Thoughts andContinue reading “The Poor Least Department”