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What is the totality

Why the morality

When and Where

The time and place

Inquiring staples of ordered duality

How never kowtows!

For it seeks common-sense practicality

Who usually ensues

To fit a person to a reality

Questions can be open for leaving doubt

Probing to find things out

Leading to exact a reaction

Loaded set-up for trickery and often redaction

Funnel starts broad then gets to the point

Recall and Process works on memory and opinion

Rhetorical seeks to grandstand over all dominion

Or own the joint!

Questions can be asked

By the very bold

And the meek

Answers cannot be found

Without the interrogative words that we speak

People ready inquiries



Each and every day of the week


And lo and behold!

Ye may find what you seek


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Darkness envelops

Space renders its defines

Docile at the command

Of Nature’s shadowy cloaked sentinel

The gloaming umbra drifts

Commanding the atmosphere


Penetrates the senses

Alerts the defenses!


The sun has taken its daily flight

Cut to the quick!

Danger raises its ugly face

To those unfortunate souls

Who cannot briskly summon the light!

The Mask

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The Mask

Must be put on

Before entertaining the Task

For its powers allow perfectly


To wholeheartedly amidst the work-place


The Financial/ Business World is at my grasp!

My working fate thus to

Adeptly Assimilate

Judge positively the preternatural office-driven spoken predicates

Never procrastinate!

Never give up!

We must propose

Always to keep of the shadows

Double consciousness

Natural state of being!

Imprisoned while the schism is

On the clock exposed!

Who knows?

The chance albeit slim

Might opportune to find that just person

Of whom with we can economically grow?

As I am of no means to chance the Toiler’s dive

Don’t you know?

To suffer the Angst of Poverty?

No coin-jingling jive!

Yea I aver the social will to materially stay alive!

Until the day when the competitive human race

Is economically exposed!

And One can repose

Ridden of the Individual multi-faceted mask!

And gain the prize

Of living at once!


Toil no more dominating prevaricating falsely

As the adoring apple of my exhausted eyes

Kung Fu

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When you make a move!

It’s not the Kung

But the Fu!

That puts you in that groove




The dispeller of doom!



Gazing down

Soothes the defensive

And opportunistic soul

The quantum minimizer mixed into the physic hyper bowl

King Kung leads the way

With force faster

Controlled creative disaster

Yet it is always the inimitable Fu!

In constant cosmic battle

Of the I -Am -You

Harnessed for the short alleys and long path rendezvous

Which will never lead you astray!

Dinner For Two

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Neat table

Organized chairs

Wine glasses!

Ready to be shared

Plates soon to be filled

Cozy date will be thrilled!

Sunday evening meal

Napkins to avail

Shall it be Duck or Quail?

Dinner for Two

A most lovely


Filled with possibility!


Appetite enticing

Humble dining view

Troubles all forgotten

Imprisoned in the mental rear-view

Days of Our Lives

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All is swell!

As the bell tolls

Health I suppose

Can change at any rate

At some unknown withering date

So it is with destiny and fate

As it is proposed

Done with and never seemingly apropos!

All that one can do is keep merrily moving forward

Up the voluminous mountain!

Where the bright open sky

Sets its gaze brightly down uplifting upon the hikers prose!

Paving the way for the paths to success

Along the inner roads

Knowing that he has chose

To live!


As the warm progressive hope of youthful summers

Digress into the cold currents

Of the routine perilous and sanguine old

Onward still fortuitously bold!

This is how we meticulously mind mold

Scold and make history unfold

During the days of our lives

Divinity and Prehistoric Affinity

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As it is presumed

The immortal He God

Favors nein animals!

Only solely man

Whom did he shine his bright lights on

In the dinosaur clan?

The Reptilean question vexes

The Terror of Tyrannosaurus Rex is?

Damnable is he confessing?

Did he/ she receive the deity’s reptilian Mesozoic blessing?


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Reading is fundamental

To learn and train your mind

Of all the things

That life can bring

We seek and ye may find

For whats in the illustrious store?

Histories bound galore!

Digesting a peace of mind

Surprised at the past crimes of mankind?

Knowledge of the past

The instruction incited the class!

Advancements are seen

Atrocities are mean!

The stories our hearts hold fast

Will us from distant times to thrust!

Forward alas evermore!

Shalt we lay down the sword?

Cut the chord on our orb?

Our will is to endure




An empathetic emotionally satisfying crafted

Enlightened everlast!

Pray Tell!

Shalt i be broadsided in one antithetical

Kerflooey swoop fell


Before we release the halyard on the foremast

Sailing into our marvelous tales of the past!

I Am flabbergasted

At who will take part in the cast?

Joe Mansion

Joe Mansion

Joe Mansion

Joe Mansion solely stands against President Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan for improving income inequality in America and improving the lot of workers and poor through Progressive government economic expansion

Joe Mansion via his Senate campaign donors are planning to tank the social policy bill after first gutting it whilst holding it ransom

Joe Mansion tabling the bill the Democratic President ran on in the Presidential election

While upholding the Grand Ole Party of oligarchs and elites!

Anti-Democratic attack stooges and anti-worker Free Market Frankenstein anti-tax paying economic social and political mooches!

As a modern day turncoat anti-toiler Senate Republican stanchion

Joe Mansion?

Is he Donald Trump’s grandson?

West Virginians must nevermore take a chance on re-electing!

Joe Mansion!

Overconfidence and the Great Boxer/Puncher Teofimo Lopez

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As an Ironworker for Local 46 in New York City for many years

I know the most dangerous man on the job is the one who thinks he knows it all!

Yet in stark reality does not have all the clues

Strident overconfidence can trump even blatant inexperience

In bringing forth suddenly the injury and death!

Construction safety blues!

Boxing is a game where the same sweet science rules apply

Underestimate your hard-working determined opponent?

Talk of a knock-out in the first-round?

Boast of your skills being far superior?

And you can find yourself in the same place at the end of the first round

Where the young upstart boxer Teofimo Lopez lied!

Flat on the canvas and looking quite surprised!

The new undisputed champion George Kambosos with great heart!

Fast hands!

Good sound practiced strategy!

Sturdy chin!

And excellent conditioning!

Earned his take-over as the undisputed champion of the lightweight division titles

The once-rising star boxer/puncher young fighter Mr. Lopez learned a valuable lesson in life

That can be for him

And the general public quite vital!

Never believe the headlines when they are screaming your indomitable praise!

Any man can be defeated in the ring by another man with lesser talent who displays

More grit!


Will-power to win!

And courage to at the end have his hands raised

Mr. Lopez will grow from this great loss

The Busted-Up Boss!

And become an even better fighter!

To his fans I say keep the faith!

The Australian champion boxer George Kambosos

Proved himself in Madison Square Garden a tough hombre for any challenger

Who stands opposing him with both gloves laced

In the ruthless sport of boxing!

Even the greatest fighters of them all

Have seen their dreams dashed!

Especially when they have overlooked

The ferocious fighters they have faced

Ruinous things are not easily replaced

Nor is their the want for these acts to become commonplace

Overconfidence is a mental drug that can lull you to sleep

Resulting in dangerous mission creep!

In a flash!

All of your past accomplishments will be abruptly erased