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Why do you follow elastically?

Sprightly slithering alongside me

Sunny days an appearance forms

A particular life force

Representing the present moment!

Expressing to the boulevard my feelings!


What manner of pleasure




Spirit of the elders?

Entwined in me

Practically dancing in the streets!

Willest thou reveal intrinsically

Shape-shifting celestial portrait

Designed to see


The Chicken Coup

Each day

Sunny or gray

The benevolent farmer makes his way

To my chicken coop

The daily vittles my hunger to allay

The Universe does not change!

Fixed and immutable

The comfortable constant array

The night skies flicker with the stars dancing up in space!


The fine-tipped blade introduced

Pray tell!

What has happened!

My head from my body the farmer has erased!

What hath Mother Nature deduced?

Papito Juan

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Incan gentleman from the lands of Peru



Enjoyed a laugh

And authoritative too

Proud patriarch of the Castillo-Luna clan




Strong sincere man

South American Indian style good-looking person!



Regal well-mannered

Love for Mamita and Family

Steady determined!

We are grateful for your dedicated leadership

It has carried us through many a tempest

Under your guidance

As Father Mother Son Daughter Niece Nephew

We are grateful that all apprenticed

Now we say goodbye

Holding true to your lasting legacy

Papito Juan we shalt keep you alive within us

In the vast confines

Of our most beloved memories

Gracias to Jesus all the Saints and Atahualpa

For gifting us our time spent

Signing off – Avansa!

Salsero Pelligroso a Salsero Seguro

The picture in my mind is claro and puro!

As the curtain closes on our earthly dance steps

The Heavens await the return of our next show!

Together again within your calm and thoughtful presence

– In loving memory of a good friend – Papito Juan aka “Salsero Seguro”

From “Salsero Pelligroso” Donald Reith

“Boots” Camp

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Training is gaining the wisdom

To Force Faster

Mind Body Vision

With tricks learned from Bozy

In the ring the pugilist becomes quite cozy

The boxer/ puncher can decipher the instantaneous decision

Secure in the pugiistic dance

One stands an infinite chance

To become the Teacher Supreme

The best in his/her weight class division

Perseverance follows The Dream!

One well-placed shot!

Can blow it all to smithereens!

Stay true to the mission!

  • An acknowledgement of the great fighter – Jaron “Boots” Ennis
  • And his trainer Father- “Bozy” Ennis


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Ah! A time spent in happiness and good health!

Alas the mind is still stealth

Steadfastly mining the new plan

To the 2023 Comeback grand!

Health and good times is wealth it is opined

Resigned currently to repeat on a loop to her/ himself

Yet the mind perseveres!

Always positing towards the future healing

Separate from the occasional kneeling

All pain amd sorrow begone!

Clamoring for the day One can repose

Healed and harmonizing

On those trying days once felt so torturously

A new blessed dawn!

Time has spaciously spawned

Distress alas is gone


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What is the totality

Why the morality

When and Where

The time and place

Inquiring staples of ordered duality

How never kowtows!

For it seeks common-sense practicality

Who usually ensues

To fit a person to a reality

Questions can be open for leaving doubt

Probing to find things out

Leading to exact a reaction

Loaded set-up for trickery and often redaction

Funnel starts broad then gets to the point

Recall and Process works on memory and opinion

Rhetorical seeks to grandstand over all dominion

Or own the joint!

Questions can be asked

By the very bold

And the meek

Answers cannot be found

Without the interrogative words that we speak

People ready inquiries



Each and every day of the week


And lo and behold!

Ye may find what you seek


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Darkness envelops

Space renders its defines

Docile at the command

Of Nature’s shadowy cloaked sentinel

The gloaming umbra drifts

Commanding the atmosphere


Penetrates the senses

Alerts the defenses!


The sun has taken its daily flight

Cut to the quick!

Danger raises its ugly face

To those unfortunate souls

Who cannot briskly summon the light!

The Mask

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The Mask

Must be put on

Before entertaining the Task

For its powers allow perfectly


To wholeheartedly amidst the work-place


The Financial/ Business World is at my grasp!

My working fate thus to

Adeptly Assimilate

Judge positively the preternatural office-driven spoken predicates

Never procrastinate!

Never give up!

We must propose

Always to keep of the shadows

Double consciousness

Natural state of being!

Imprisoned while the schism is

On the clock exposed!

Who knows?

The chance albeit slim

Might opportune to find that just person

Of whom with we can economically grow?

As I am of no means to chance the Toiler’s dive

Don’t you know?

To suffer the Angst of Poverty?

No coin-jingling jive!

Yea I aver the social will to materially stay alive!

Until the day when the competitive human race

Is economically exposed!

And One can repose

Ridden of the Individual multi-faceted mask!

And gain the prize

Of living at once!


Toil no more dominating prevaricating falsely

As the adoring apple of my exhausted eyes

Kung Fu

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When you make a move!

It’s not the Kung

But the Fu!

That puts you in that groove




The dispeller of doom!



Gazing down

Soothes the defensive

And opportunistic soul

The quantum minimizer mixed into the physic hyper bowl

King Kung leads the way

With force faster

Controlled creative disaster

Yet it is always the inimitable Fu!

In constant cosmic battle

Of the I -Am -You

Harnessed for the short alleys and long path rendezvous

Which will never lead you astray!

Intrinsically focusing your piercing view

Dinner For Two

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Neat table

Organized chairs

Wine glasses!

Ready to be shared

Plates soon to be filled

Cozy date will be thrilled!

Sunday evening meal

Napkins to avail

Shall it be Duck or Quail?

Dinner for Two

A most lovely


Filled with possibility!


Appetite enticing

Humble dining view

Troubles all forgotten

Imprisoned in the mental rear-view