Why do you follow elastically? Sprightly slithering alongside me Sunny days an appearance forms A particular life force Representing the present moment! Expressing to the boulevard my feelings! Shadow! What manner of pleasure Pain? Pathway Poetry! Spirit of the elders? Entwined in me Practically dancing in the streets! Willest thou reveal intrinsically Shape-shifting celestial portraitContinue reading “Shadow”

Papito Juan

Incan gentleman from the lands of Peru Patient Kind Enjoyed a laugh And authoritative too Proud patriarch of the Castillo-Luna clan Father Teacher Gentle Strong sincere man South American Indian style good-looking person! Husband Grandfather Regal well-mannered Love for Mamita and Family Steady determined! We are grateful for your dedicated leadership It has carried usContinue reading “Papito Juan”

“Boots” Camp

Training is gaining the wisdom To Force Faster Mind Body Vision With tricks learned from Bozy In the ring the pugilist becomes quite cozy The boxer/ puncher can decipher the instantaneous decision Secure in the pugiistic dance One stands an infinite chance To become the Teacher Supreme The best in his/her weight class division PerseveranceContinue reading ““Boots” Camp”


Darkness envelops Space renders its defines Docile at the command Of Nature’s shadowy cloaked sentinel The gloaming umbra drifts Commanding the atmosphere Gloom! Penetrates the senses Alerts the defenses! Beware! The sun has taken its daily flight Cut to the quick! Danger raises its ugly face To those unfortunate souls Who cannot briskly summon theContinue reading “Darkness”

The Mask

The Mask Must be put on Before entertaining the Task For its powers allow perfectly Me! To wholeheartedly amidst the work-place Believe! The Financial/ Business World is at my grasp! My working fate thus to Adeptly Assimilate Judge positively the preternatural office-driven spoken predicates Never procrastinate! Never give up! We must propose Always to keepContinue reading “The Mask”

Dinner For Two

Neat table Organized chairs Wine glasses! Ready to be shared Plates soon to be filled Cozy date will be thrilled! Sunday evening meal Napkins to avail Shall it be Duck or Quail? Dinner for Two A most lovely Enchanting Filled with possibility! Delicate Appetite enticing Humble dining view Troubles all forgotten Imprisoned in the mentalContinue reading “Dinner For Two”