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The Scoop on Cats and Dogs
Of the myriad different animals that humans have kept as pets, cats and dogs, have proven to be by far the favorites. Some people find cats to be suitable pets and others get along better with canines. It is important to know a bit about the temperament, outdoor traits, and feeding habits of your pet before going out to purchase. Dogs and cats both make excellent domesticated pets; yet there are some differences that prospective pet owners would be well advised to take heed of before their search for a new pet.
Dogs are well known for showing outward displays of affection for their owners such as wagging their tails. The canines will bark their pleasure at the return of their masters. They will jump up and down trying to lick the faces of their owner’s in an expression of happiness at their reunion. Dogs are very loyal too, they will fiercely protect their families and bark loudly at unknown intruders. Cats, however, are more solitary animals. Cats, alternatively, do not show much affection unless they want you to fill up their chow plates. They are more strategic with their displays of emotion. Cats will give you a nice purr while rubbing against your legs when they are hungry. Cats will make it known that they can do alright by themselves, only expecting the daily helping of food and water from their owners, to sustain themselves. Some pet owners will feel more comfortable with felines precisely because they do not need as much attention as dogs.
Dogs need to be walked daily at least two times. Pooches are reliant on their owners to properly leash them, maintain their safety while holding their leashes crossing streets and boulevards, and safely navigate them throughout the journey. Dog owners will also be required by law to pick up any droppings left by their pets. The Poop-a-Scoop Law carries a hefty fine for any dog owners who do not clean up after their pets. Cats, on the other hand, need no such help. In contrast to dogs, they can expertly navigate alleyways, backyards, and streets without a smidgeon of help. They prefer going out on the town on their own and can more easily blend in with the environment so as to escape detection. Cats do not require any help from humans walking themselves. Cats will only need the services of a litter box when they need to get rid of their waste. Felines are more fastidious when it comes to excreting their waste. They use their litter box. They will make sure their “doings” are covered with litter so as not to smell, and will spend a good deal of time cleaning their fur afterwards through licking. Their is no need to worry about cleaning up cats waste on the street as there is no Poop-a-Scoop Law that pertains to them. They will invariably “take care of their business” in their litter boxes.
Dogs usually prefer to eat meat, though they can be enticed with dog biscuits, pig ears, and other assorted doggie goodies that are found in the supermarket. Canines, usually are fast eaters, gulping down their food just as fast as it is put into their plates. Dogs are pack animals, thus wolfing down their food quickly is a trait they learned long ago; when they were forced to fight with the other members in their pack for their sustenance. Dogs will also prefer to eat food that humans cooked, as long as it smells good to them, and has a preferable taste and texture. On the contrary, cats appear to be very finicky eaters. They love tuna fish and can go day after day eating it happily. Cats are also famous for killing small animals and eating them throughout the day. How else do you think they survive in the alleyways? Cats will not generally eat the wide variety of human food that dogs will as their taste buds are much more refined, apparently, than their canine counterparts. In contrast to dogs, cats are slow eaters, and do not make as much of a mess.
Cats and dogs both make excellent domestic pets and there is a good reason why they are the most popular. Prospective owners will do well to pay attention to the differences I have outlined when it comes to their peccadillos, outdoor requirements, and eating habits. Whether it be Canis familiaris, or Felis catus, this is a very important decision for you and your family to make. By educating ourselves, we can make a more well informed decision as to which one, dog or cat, would be a better fit to bring into our fold. Cats and dogs, are abandoned at times, precisely because the owners “did not realize what they were getting into.” Knowing as much as possible about your pet, before adopting, paves the way for a smoother transition towards a loving and lasting relationship.




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