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Republican Party and Donald Trump’s New Weapon- Rapper Hood Robin

The Republican Party

Just in time for Election Day!

Is promoting their newest creation

Rapper Hood Robin

Stop whining about job’s

Get off the damn dole

We gives to the Rich

Robs from the Poor

We don’t care about your health

Or if your children be sobbin

Give the money to the Banks

The Corporations

And Hood Robin!”

Cause I said it one time

Don’t need to say it

No More

Hood Robin’s got the Banks

And I ain’t funding No Poor!

So all you Old Ass people

Fussing ’bout SSI

You had your damn chance

Now its time to comply

Don’t be asking for no raises

Or starting union drama

And while we’re at it

I need the Birth Certificate

For President Obama!

It’s been too damn long

The Federal Government’s been paying your way

Hood Robin’s on the mike

It ain’t my fault

If yo momma’s teeth


I’ll be building more prison’s

Cutting Medicaid real soon

Stop your whining

Try shoe-shining

Or better yet

A Silver Spoon

My Economy is like a rich man’s

Helium Balloons

See ya later


Send in the Foreclosure Goons

Give me your Home

Your Money

And your Retirement Funds too

Hood Robin’s on the Stump

With Donald Trump


Where you stepping?

Them’s My Alligator Shoes!

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Published by The Appeal to Safety LLC

I am the owner of The Appeal To Safety. The Appeal to Safety is a Construction Safety Management/ Safety Consulting business. We provide Site Safety Managers/ Site Safety Coordinators/ Concrete Safety Managers/ Construction Site Fire Safety Managers for prospective NYC Construction companies that are well-versed in NYC Dept. of Buildings, FDNY, CDC, DOT and other relevant government agency codes and regulations/ safety standards. We also can provide EHS Construction Safety Managers for Heavy Civil Construction projects based in New York City and vicinity. We have a vast database of Licensed Safety Managers that we utilize to find Outstanding Safety Manager Candidates for our clients. Please contact for any and all of your Construction Safety needs! Together we will make The Appeal to Safety! Enjoy my original poetry with curated music videos! Have a great day!

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