Moved To Action

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Brothers and Sisters, if it was not for people like you unafraid to be moved to ACTION not just mere thought or internal prayers, NO SOCIAL CHANGES would have ever happened to right the wrongs of injustice that have always been a part of our history, although it is not taught in schools.

The mere idea , for example, that black people were somehow freed from bondage through prayer is a slap in the face to all of those bloodied, whipped and killed who urgently HOPED AND PRAYED daily for relief and a capitulation to their and their babies subjugation to the pernicious economic and social policy.

Blood and Moral indignation followed up with courageous action IS THE ONLY THING that literally changed that cruel system and it still took many, many years.

Anyone who professes this fact of history to be false, practices the worst kind

of moral cowardice, cloaked in prayerful “magical thinking,” that precludes

them from performing any material acts proving their zealotry to past social leaders like

Jesus of Nazareth, Joan of Arc, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr. and John Brown.

Raising doubt as to their spirituality being nothing more than a mere canard.
Floating on the wings of fantasy.
Hard work, prayer, and positive thinking have their place.
Just not as government policy.
Yet none of them trump empathy.
Trump empathy is what it shall be.
Unless we are moved to action.

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I am the owner of The Appeal To Safety. The Appeal to Safety is a Construction Safety Management/ Safety Consulting business. We provide Site Safety Managers/ Site Safety Coordinators/ Concrete Safety Managers/ Construction Site Fire Safety Managers for prospective NYC Construction companies that are well-versed in NYC Dept. of Buildings, FDNY, CDC, DOT and other relevant government agency codes and regulations/ safety standards. We also can provide EHS Construction Safety Managers for Heavy Civil Construction projects based in New York City and vicinity. We have a vast database of Licensed Safety Managers that we utilize to find Outstanding Safety Manager Candidates for our clients. Please contact for any and all of your Construction Safety needs! Together we will make The Appeal to Safety! Enjoy my original poetry with curated music videos! Have a great day!

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