Remembering The Victims of 9/11 and The Way To Heaven

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On a beautiful sunswept September 11 morning unthinkable horrors, borne out of religious fanaticism, visited our shores by way of passenger airplanes.

I was working on a High-Rise building when the first news came in that a passenger plane had inexplicably crashed into the World Trade Center.

I remember my lather foreman telling us of the news after receiving a call on his cell phone.

We were all surprised, and thought it quite odd, that a plane should veer so far off track.

When the news of the second plane hitting the next tower arrived, we now understood, we were under attack.

News of the Pentagon being the next direct hit were followed, almost simultaneously, by U.S. Air Force Jets roaring over our building on 72nd Street and West End – Trump Towers.

I remember feeling distinctly that more attacks were imminent.

I went to a local bar with my fellow workers to find out more news of this unbelievable attack on our city and nation.

Men were crying as we watched images of the burning towers on the bar television wondering if their loved one’s who worked in the towers had survived.

Reports came in of people jumping to their deaths to escape the billowing, strangulating smoke. Crashing down on the street and exploding with a sickening sound that only amplified their cruel demise.

The Images of the tower’s falling were absolutely unthinkable; especially to us Ironworkers, who were in the business of erecting these high-rise structures. Brave firefighters, policeman and first responders were all killed instantly, in the aftermath of the Towers sudden, revolting descent.

Everything shut down for the next week and the only thing that was on television were reports of more possible terror targets and news on finding out information on victims of the terrorist attacks; along with news on recovery at Ground Zero at the World Trade Center site, the Pentagon and the brave exploits of the men and women of Flight 93.

We learned that these attacks were carried out by a radical Islamic terrorist group called Al-Quaida. It’s Leader was Osama Bin Laden. Images of Muslims dancing and celebrating in the streets of their countries in the Middle East only added to the shock and anger. Bin Laden was seen to be laughing and very pleased with his group’s diabolical actions.

Fast forward to 10 years later, Mayday, on a cool, starswept night, after 2 wars and a International manhunt, the news that all Americans had hoped for had finally arrived.

For all the innocent civilians, firefighters, policeman and first responders killed so senselessly on this most tragic day we rejoice in the death of the evil mastermind, this architect of infamy, this Osama Bin Laden.

Americans come in all stripes and religions.

Muslims, Catholics, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Jehovah’s Witnesses and more, are all accorded the respect to follow their faith as to how they see fit. We all hold hope that the victims of September 11 will not have died in vain.

That all peace-loving Muslims will come to know that we do not harbor ill will against them or their religion. We only want to eradicate the radical Islamists, like Bin Laden, who kill innocent Americans indiscriminately, based upon their religious and political beliefs.

We can all believe in God, in our own ways, shapes, and forms.

There is no wrong or right way to believe in God.

A baby who is born in Pakistan will most likely come from parents who have different religious views than from a baby born in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Surely, God would not want either of these babies killed based upon their religious beliefs.

To commit such unspeakable acts of murder, indiscriminately slaughtering innocents, is a twisted, perverted act more suitable to evil and depravity than to any deity.

Religious persecution and discrimination has led to many horrific acts since the days of Jesus Christ.

Queen Elizabeth’s mother, Ann Boleyn,  was murdered by her father, King Henry V111. Elizabeth succeeded “Bloody Mary”, her sister, who’s Mother was also killed by Henry V111. “Bloody” Marys reign was notable for its persecution of Protestants, by burning at the stake, for not conforming to her Catholic beliefs.

I believe Queen Elizabeth said it best upon her inheriting the Throne, ” There is but one God and I do not see the reason for the trifles over this matter”. “Should I be expected to look into the windows of men’s souls”.

It is my fervent hope that the victims of 9/11, through the ghastly images and decadent reasons for their explosive murders, will ignite a new sense of cooperation amongst peoples of all religions.

A realization that we can all live harmoniously and honor our respective beliefs.

Let us all stamp out the snakes who shall show their heads above the tall grasses of civilization.

Striking at the moral fabric of common decency and respect in the name of their religion.

Men like Osama Bin Laden will go down in history as nothing more than a common murderer, a despicable rogue, to be rid of and reviled.

It is the victims of 9/11, and the recalling of their wicked, unjust murders, who live on in the memories of their families and our nation.

Ordinary people who lived and loved that offer the promise of a new world.

One where cooperation, respect and harmony can co-exist amongst peoples of all faiths.

Just as the innocent victims of 9/11, victims of all different nationalities, races and religions, lived their lives and loved their families on a daily basis.


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