Trump Cult Patriotic Illusion and The Impeachment Proceedings Conclusion

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Will the Republican “Patriots”

Even listen to the Impeachment Proceedings?

Probably not as it might hurt their feelings


Dear Leader has been caught with his hand in the extortion/ bribery cookie jar

This after The Mueller Report showed his corruption/ disdain for the law

Aided by his Anti-Justice System led by Attorney General

Otherwise known as Trump Extra Judicial Clone AG Dis-Barr

The only real question is NOT will Republican/Apprentice fans hold the President to account

But how much more will they let him get away with?

How much further can The Cult go?

And to what Anti-Democratic/ Rule of Law amount?

Any sane person would have to wonder after the past investigation

Of the President and Russian Collusion

How President Trump and Trump Cult could trump the Kremlin

Attempting to extort Ukraine for Presidential Re-Election Gain

To come up with the same Foreign Government meddling in United States Elections conclusion!


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