Bernie Sanders is a Socialist!

person standing in front of a train
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That is a Simpleton view of Bernie’s economic

Social and political policies

Tar and feathering your opponents is easy political gamesmanship

Comparing the United States to Cuba and Venezuela is a political fool’s fallacy

As is comparing a toothache to a cancerous malady

What is the congenital liar Trump’s plans for Health care?

Student loan debt?

Climate change?

income inequality?

Never-ending Wars?

And crumbling infrastructure in the American homeland?

Give more tax-breaks to the already super-rich and corporations in the Billionaires Candy-Land?

A diamond with a fat middle class

Is much more preferable than the current Amazonian pyramid where all the money goes to the top

An economy is not prosperous for a society solely when the stock market goes up to material bless the Invisible Hand!

Pass the rock!

Political partisans with no economic

Social or environmental ideas to materially help the American working class and poor

Can only make their Slandering of Bernie Sanders new ideas seem grand


You cannot propose to Make America Great Again!

With your head like an Ostrich stuck firmly in the sand

Or up your pizazz!


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