The Barry O’Bomber Hillary the Salem Witch Clinton Part Two – Presidential Election Aftermath Deja Vu

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Bernie and The Progressive Movement

Have been treated badly by the Democratic Party Corporate suits

Now they want us to vote for them too!

Does anybody there pay attention to the grassroots?

When you have no policies for us middle class and poor to improve

Four more years of Terrible Trump

Might possibility!

Propel them consumers more!

For the next Presidential Election

To Progressively civically improve! (Actual policies that material help people’s lives)

Do they expect Progressives

To vote for a campaign

That has NO ECONOMIC SOCIAL AND POLITICAL POLICIES to help the poor and working class

Of which we approve

Either they are put into the campaign platform

Fill it Buster!

Or change the rules!

Ala Medicare For All

Infrastructure Spending

Climate Change

$15 Dollar per Hour Minimum Wage

Affordable/ Free College

Tax The Rich and Corporations

Student Loan Debt

Significantly reduce War footing/ funding


Biden-Harris supporters are on their own

Versus The Terrible One

It is their Campaign’s unwillingness to move

That will be the reason that Biden-Harris lose

Corporate Moderate Voting

Politically Correct Democrats

Up against Obstructionist Republicans

Will do well to remember the administration of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton no legislation passed blues! (Other than O’Bummer Care which the Republicans will again trap and put into a snare)

And Deja-Vu!


Published by The Appeal to Safety LLC

I am the owner of The Appeal To Safety. The Appeal to Safety is a Construction Safety Management/ Safety Consulting business. We provide Site Safety Managers/ Site Safety Coordinators/ Concrete Safety Managers/ Construction Site Fire Safety Managers for prospective NYC Construction companies that are well-versed in NYC Dept. of Buildings, FDNY, CDC, DOT and other relevant government agency codes and regulations/ safety standards. We also can provide EHS Construction Safety Managers for Heavy Civil Construction projects based in New York City and vicinity. We have a vast database of Licensed Safety Managers that we utilize to find Outstanding Safety Manager Candidates for our clients. Please contact for any and all of your Construction Safety needs! Together we will make The Appeal to Safety! Enjoy my original poetry with curated music videos! Have a great day!

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