The Black Hound and The Racecraft

Photo by Pixabay on

The white cockerspaniel dog

Barked smugly at the black sheperd hound

Know your place man!

This is a race land!

Wag your tail if you dare

At the Racecraft

Jive dingo turkey!

The black and gray tail bolted upright

Then moving quite herky-jerky

I don’t believe the color of my coat defines me!

The One

Who hath designed me

Hath provided a superior nose

The ability to track down friends and foes

Why these humans at Westminster even give me a show!

What manner of wolfish reason do you suppose?

Would select the dark tincture of my fur

To subject me to the dingy alleys and shallows?

Every living animal knows this is preposterous!

Don’t you suppose?


Published by The Appeal to Safety LLC

I am the owner of The Appeal To Safety. The Appeal to Safety is a Construction Safety Management/ Safety Consulting business. We provide Site Safety Managers/ Site Safety Coordinators/ Concrete Safety Managers/ Construction Site Fire Safety Managers for prospective NYC Construction companies that are well-versed in NYC Dept. of Buildings, FDNY, CDC, DOT and other relevant government agency codes and regulations/ safety standards. We also can provide EHS Construction Safety Managers for Heavy Civil Construction projects based in New York City and vicinity. We have a vast database of Licensed Safety Managers that we utilize to find Outstanding Safety Manager Candidates for our clients. Please contact for any and all of your Construction Safety needs! Together we will make The Appeal to Safety! Enjoy my original poetry with curated music videos! Have a great day!

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