The Plutocratic Scheme and The American Dream

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Once upon a time there was a country that was flourishing with a huge middle class, it’s economy was booming and it had achieved a shared prosperity for its citizens that had never been accomplished before anywhere throughout history.

In fact , it was the envy of the whole world.

Everyday union members, factory workers, workers of all stripes and their apprentices worked together with their company managers for a shared prosperity.

Their motto was “All for One (Corporation) and One For All (Workers).

One day in 1980, a former actor named Ronald Reagan, running to be President of the land, railed against the prosperous system. The actor, beloved by many for his acclaimed portrayal of The Gipper, called for “individuality.” Where everyone would fend for themselves. Unbeknownst to the people, he secretly carried this alluring message from the plutocrats, a greedy cabal previously known as the “robber barons”, who though defeated gradually, after the devastation of The Great Depression, were looking to foster an atmosphere from which they could ascend to their privileged thrones, and install an agenda that would bring corporatism and inequality back to the lands.

The GEOs (Greed Enforcement Officers) wanted Reagan to create an “illusion of prosperity”, a new American Dream, not unlike a mirage that deludes a thirsty traveler in the hot desert sands.

They bankrolled Ronald Reagan’s Presidential bid and unleashed all the monetary forces  and financial hooliganism they had at their disposal.

Because of that, Ronald Reagan was elected President. His enticing message so enthralled the people that they no longer cared to provide safety nets to the most vulnerable amongst them. Unions and working class peoples concerns were marginalized as the GEOs looked for more and more ways to bolster their profit numbers.

Because of that, the country suffered greatly. The disparity between the Haves and Have Nots grew exponentially each year until it reached a level never seen before in the country’s history.

There were millions more living in hopeless poverty. The working class saw their wages decimated as costs for everyday items and rent went up. Unions and workers collective bargaining agreements were discarded whenever possible, and they were labeled as thugs, counter culture to the new spirit of Individuality. Many of the former middle class were now poor and relying on food banks or “the pantry” to survive.

Policies were put in place to continue the assault against the working class. One of the GEOs was heard to say, “Excise them, like you would excise a tick, lest it take more blood.”

To top it off, when the GEOs reckless gambling cratered the economy, they orchestrated a bailout from the government, positing that “they were too big to fail.” The people paid for the trillions of dollars lost, in the reckless GEO run, by its banks and corporations, in the “growth” profits casino.

This after “suspending” their Free Market Frankenstein theory which previously had always been touted as the panacea for any economy.  The”benevolent” hand of the Free Market would make us the creme de la creme with the cream flowing down eventually to the “lower” classes. No one guessed in advance that the “creme” parts should have been replaced with “crime” to reflect a more accurate picture.

Wars had become common place now.

Wars, no longer necessary only for defending the home-front and national security concerns but touted as “democracy building” in foreign nations and “opening up their markets” which was a nice way of saying the big multi-national companies were coming in and taking over.

The overwhelming military forces destruction were primarily visited upon civilians of the countries of these occupations and is reflected in the civilian reports of injuries and deaths.

War was no longer a scourge but a business with enormous profits for the victors.

All mainstream media was complicit in the salesmanship of the moral need for these occupations mainly through the use of fear propaganda.

These economic, social, and political forces also combined to reek terror on the natural world.

Global warming and climate change warnings by responsible and respected scientists due to enormous corporate pollution and the corporate abject disregard for the well being of Mother Earth were ignored.

Their voices muzzled by bought off politicians and mainstream media as the corporate interests were not interested in making the positive changes needed to reverse the scary environmental changes happening because they would not consider losing any of their profit margins.

This Free Market Frankenstein theory had always been justified as the way to the “promised land.”

The reason why workers wages needed to be cut, unions abolished and their workers typecast as thugs, benefits stripped and millions of jobs exported to foreign lands, wars to be waged, and innocent civilians killed and maimed.

Mother Earth being stripped, her environmental patterns disrupted and careening to a tipping point were said to be necessary in promoting the new dream of a “Growth Heaven.”

Until finally, after thirty plus years of promises that the wealth would “trickle down” yet only misery and apathy prevailed for the working people; they realized enough is enough.

They joined together, sharing information, pictures, stories and poems that told of the true nature of the GEOs greedy plan.

Using a new medium, social media, which ironically, the GEOs had imagined would enhance their chances on influencing ever more persons of their message of “Exalted Consumerism”, “Financial Growth Numbers over Humanity”, “Infinite Growth”, “Nation Building”, “Profits Over People” and “Environmental Wackos”, the people fought back.

The people banded together in solidarity utilizing their new Facebook Page called The Appeal.

As the word got out on the GEOs nefarious plans of economic domination the people started gaining strength in numbers.

More and more people were outraged at what was going on and were making the appeal to their friends, coworkers, family members and associates through social media.

Coming together and pushing for much higher tax rates on the GEOs and their Corporations, voting out all the corrupt politicians who were bought off by the GEOs, and installing their own candidates, who pushed laws that overturned the heinous ones that the GEOs had propped up, such as their being able to control political campaigns with their money, their anti-union and worker laws, their stripping of “entitlement” programs, imperialist wars for corporate gains, and their evisceration of the natural environment for profits sake which had caused the world to be on the brink of environmental disaster due to ever increasing warming climate change.

These changes and more returned the unions and working class people of all stripes to their rightful role as partners with Business in the Blessed Economy and Consumers were replaced by concerned Citizens wresting back their democracy from the forces of greed and exploitation.

An economy whose principles were based once again on a shared prosperity.

Which put the interests of the people over the interests of profits.

That said that when the Company or Corporation prospered, all who worked there did also, including the workers.

They endeavored to always take care of those who were less fortunate. The poor, disabled, veterans, economically disadvantaged, and all those in need of a helping hand in the spirit of humanity.

The peoples revolt had succeeded and they settled down and went back to work comforted in the knowledge that they had restored the American Dream, not only for themselves, but for all of the generations to come.

The world was saved from economic greed, financial hooliganism, imperialism, never-ending wars, and environmental disaster.

And they were happy.



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