Show and Tell

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Poems are originally thought out


The words flow from mind to page

Me-thinks they will age well

As the conjurer believes in the efficacy of his spells

No need to sell

Only bring forth what is initiated

Reader officiated!

From the ether to spoken word

The universe is listening!

And has heard

As assuredly as the waking sounds of the morning cooing birds!

Dear Interpreter can intake and partake

Meld and mold

Store to drink more

Savor as they build up their own hearty holistic well!

Utilized to fortify the mind!

Sharpening the ability to recognize The Show from the tell


Deontay Wilder and the Right to Might Black Mjolnir

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Deontay Wilder

Murderous fighter!



The Black Mjolnir will find ya!

Seek and destroy!

Focused and poised

The Bronze Bomber

Calm cool and collected

Tune out the noise

Third time is a charm!

Too late!

Call your mum

The fighter with the strongest will-power wins the scrum!

The terminal “guards up “reminder

Someone forgot to turn on the alarm!

Lightning strikes with a fury!

No need for a jury

The calm always comes before the storm

The stars have aligned!

Time to unwind

The rumbling numbing straight right hand of Deontay Wilder!

Lights out!

Knockout time!

Self-Proclaimed Patriots Purported Metamorphosis and Armchair General Dis-Service

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American living-room armchair Generals

Have never served a day

Nay! even a minute in service!

Either as volunteer

Officer or conscript

Is this why your undying conception of soldier and citizen is flipped?

Soldiers salute the flag!

As part of their duty to honor and protect their Motherland

Great American citizens

With hand over heart these good citizens commit to

Protesting democratically on economic

Social and political issues

Deemed necessary as emissaries to make a stand

The military was composed

To ensure the American Liberty Bell will always ring

It is my fervent distinction to have served in the United States Army

Defending the rights so hard fought for in American history past

Via such esteemed Americans as Frederick Douglass

John Brown

Malcolm X

Sojourner Truth

Helen Keller

Muhammad Ali

Susan B. Anthony

And Dr. Martin Luther King.

– 101st Airborne Soldier

Karl Heinrich Marx

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Karl Heinrich Marx was a German writer and intellectual

Who explained how a capitalist society works

The process

The mechanics

The reasoning

And thus the irrational quirks

Many of  the philosopher




Political theorist


And socialist revolutionary Marx teachings are utilized to invest in capital by Wall Street firms

His onerous tomes explaining the means and manifestations of capitalism

Are simply a technical tutorial roadmap for Citizens/ consumers

In understanding the inner workings of capitalism for the unlearned

The Poor Least Department

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The Poor Least Department

A mother and her son

Were killed in Jamaica Queens on 183rd Street

When a raging flood

Tore through their “hood”

And into their “Illegal” basement apartment

Drowning them to the quick!

Along with the rodents mice cockroaches and assorted insects

Of their fleeting life sustaining

Solvent oxygen allotment

Thoughts and prayers!

Will be the usual societal comportment

Yet no economic

Social nor political change will be enacted

Or sought after for after this shameful development!

How can the richest society on Earth!

Allow these types of ongoing societal crimes

To go on recklessly with abandon

The only “fix” sought being some individual punishment

Carried out by the Police Department

The Free Market Frankenstein Monster Society

Cares little for shining light

To these unfortunate scrimping kinds

The tragedies are suffered

And paid for on “others” dime

Turn the page

Nothing to find?

Only the heartbreak of the families

Of the sick imperiled and dying of

The Poor Least Department

Kittums The Cat

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Kittums the Cat

Believes that Millie the Hound

Is his Mom!

Adopted as a wee two-week old kitten

From the local food mart

None of his unusual upbringing

Has given him qualms?

I even nicknamed him Kee-yahm!

He has always returned home to our abode

Known for its loving care

Exhibiting his fondness for the home

With a preternatural calm

Perhaps he was too young departed

Of his beloved fam’

To miss his brethren

And his Dearest Dam!

Thankfully he does not seem in any way impaired

Cats are solitary in their ways

Cryptically Kittums has never acquired

The environmental alley-cat taste of the strays

As a strong independent-minded cat

He does things his way

Looks like he is here to stay!

Purring all the way

As he brushes his body and wagging tail

Each morning

Before vittles

On Millie The Hound’s face

And mine legs!

Picking me up from the dregs

With a specious smile and devoted gaze

Ready in a flash!

To scratch and claw away any intruder!

Who attempts to bring into his comfortable world


Jake Paul

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Pop! Pop!

Make you drop!

Fall down hard!

Who needs a scorecard?

Disney fighter taking on Mixed Martial Arts?

Does the Mickey Mouse boxer have the toughness?

The skills?

The smarts?

One thing is for certain once the bell rings

If Jake Paul magnanimously wins

To Tyronne Woodley’s chagrin

He will have proven he has the chin

To continue his knock-out sins

From America to Berlin

As the You-Tube star’s opponents big stage headlight ends

The brash new age sweet science marauder’s

Pugilistic journey violently begins

With pomp circumstance

A heavy vicious right hand

And a sly grin

The Icy Realm to Safety of the Moderna Vaccine

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The second Moderna vaccine created whole body chills!

Head to toe had taken leisure to entertain an Arctic thrill!

As I shivered in bed thinking of my personal safety amongst the pandemic dread

A feeling of tranquility engrossed me as I lay icily twitching in the chamber bed

Hath I garnered individual safety from the Covid-19 disease?

Surely my headache general discomfort and the most cold carnal chilling sensations will matter than least!

Eventually I pondered the effects would wane from the vaccine

Possibly I could entertain the anti-vaccine complainants with my most flavorful holiday roast beast!

To explain my treatise on the beneficial prospects of the Covid vaccines!

And banish their fears of a horrid outcome from a gaping incision!

Their muscles growing bigger!

As they turned horribly Hulk green?

Then it was when I realized!

My future prospects had turned from frightening!




Dark and positively bleak!

To bright sunny!

Community honey


Colorful flowers

Green grass

And fantastically sanguine!

Cornel West

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Cornel West

On the Love Train quest!





These spirited attributes constantly being put to the economic social and political test!

Professor West

Cuts radically against the grain

Invested in the W.E.B. Dubois styled societal conquest

Contemplation of his oration

Thus is to find for the mind

Inheriting as it were

An intellectual treasure chest

Father Time and the Adventures into the Cinematic Sublime

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Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world she walks into mine!

Kitty and the movie-land Walter Mitty!

Old Movie to VHS Tape Mastermind!

Thespian roles by Humphrey Bogart

James Cagney

Errol Flynn

The Zorro Serials

King Kong (original)

Sherlock Holmes (Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce)

Along with instructions on the exploits of Babe Ruth

Joe Dimaggio (The Greatest)

Mickey Mantle

And dissecting and prospecting New York Yankees games!

Television moments to wonder at Pop’s sudden display of emotions!

Windows through time into his personality

Thoughts and notions!

He would invite you to watch the early film masterpieces

And suddenly become emotive and outspoken!

Tears would flow down his cheeks!

As he opened up inside!

I could hear his mind opine!

The subtext of Don Joseph Reith’s greatest dreams

And reality intertwined

Whereas generally these displays of expressive reaction

From Pops

Were hard to find!

The inability to show his feelings were a tell-tale sign

Of his Silent Generation Silver Screen times

These classics seemed dipped with a magic psychosomatic potion

Here was the solitary place Father

Would enter into the world

His wildest dreams unfurled

Inside the cinematic sublime