Humanity and the Cosmos – Black Holes – Writ-Large

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Ingesting fine poetry

The matter is not black nor white

Enhanced and advanced as can the prose be

Via sound touch and sight

The activist artist strives for progressive insight!

The ego does not always aver towards human plight

Prudence is precarious

Hope traditionally said to be eternal

Truth and reason blown away as flimsily as a flickering light

Practicality and comfort wantonly captains the night!

The butterfly and the kite resume flight

The Love Train can be un-loaded

Or much worse a verse

Trudging silently along

The fidelity family songs’ tone

Played over and over! – Violent outreach inevitable

Tender touch dreadfully slight

Progress in current society is measured through the forces of money!

Nay to socializing the nefarious neglect of poverty corruption and blight!

Heavens are yet far far away!

Yet the power to alter the course of history!

The symbiotic physics and quantum fields lead to mass creation

The mysteries of Universe and Man

The course of nations!

The stories that historians biographers fiction and non-fiction writers write

The releasing of the poor sick and toilers from arduous economic miseries

The grassroots movement towards communal up-right

As were displayed within the mental prisms

Of intelligent Frederick Douglass

Brave John Brown

Noble Martin Luther King

Warrior Crazy Horse

Laborer Mother Jones

Entrepreneurial Sojourner Truth

The paths that rose incandescently through Joan of Arc’s sights

The will to alter the world paramount!

Lies dormant amidst Nature’s finest firmament

Her/ Him gazed upon timelessly

By the birds – bees – and trees

The clouds -the stars – and ever-changing skies

Where the cosmic gods rule roughshod!

Guardians of the intelligence humanity hath unleashed

Upon about and within

The perverseness of whims?

The unbridled claims to superiority of pale human faces to dark matter skin?

The endurance of eternal sins?

The Infinite wisdom doth presented and forwarded within each generations might

Echo throughout the cosmos!


As a black-hole’s power to devour

Spooky Actions and Space/Time fight

The extinction of the Dinosaurs

The pillaging of the forests

The growth and multiplication of non-living complex molecules or virus in living cells

The Evolution of Everything!

The Universe

Writ large

Kill The Joe Mansion And Cursed Cinema Bill!

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Kill the Joe Mansion and Cursed Cinema Bill!

Since when does two Senators from the President’s own Democratic Party?

Have the Commander-In-Chief playing the aw-shucks can’t do nothing about it shill?

Answer: When the “moderate” politicians are using Progressives to get elected

Then pivoting to jettison all of their grass-roots policies

After the same-old same-old kumbaya election campaign happy talk!

Of wanting to pass economic and social policies for the poor and working class

Political stab-in-the-back retract to their Progressive base after-election day drill!

So-called Progressive politicians!

Bernie Sanders!

Elizabeth Warren!

Have to take a page out of the Quentin Tarantino movies!

Kill the Joe Mansion and Cursed Cinema Demolitioned Bill!

Re-titled The Demolitioned Back Better Corporate Donor shill

Orchestrated via dirty dark money for the re-election campaigns of Arizona Senator Cursed Cinema!

And West Virginia Senator Joe Mansion!

Paid for by Puppet Corporate Bought Politicians$$$$!

Plutocrat consuming Politician Tactitians!

Rang up on the space-traveling oligarchs till!

Kill the Cursed Cinema and Joe Mansion Elites Demolitioned Back Better Bill!

Than we can go out on the campaign trail

And expound how they “moderated” the President’s Build Back Better plan!

Taking out free college tuition!

Medicare expansion with dental and vision!

Paid leave for newborn parents!

Rein in out-of-control prescription drug-pricing!

Taxing the corporations and rich!

And more!

All against the express wishes of the people’s will!

Why should Progressive citizens keep bringing the energy to Democrat election campaigns?

To be exploited and used as fools

Who keep bringing out the crowds to vote for Democratic politicians and then are expected to keep consuming the dummy pills!

Kill the Cursed Cinema and Joe Mansion Bill!

There is nothing left of it that engenders to Progressive voters

Any hint of a responsibility to our hard-fought activists and citizens good-will!

Possibly after another Presidential run

By The Narcissistic One

Will Democrat Moderate politicians

Finally Stop The Shenanigans!

And utilize the working people and poor citizens economic policy-making quill!

Caleb Plant

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Caleb Plant

Boxing man

Rat-a-tat tat!

Known as Sweet Hands!

High sweet science IQ

On the stick and move!

Rat-a-tat tat!

He is in the pocket groove!

Keeps you at the end of a terrific jab!

Enter into the Thinking Fighter’s Lab!

Hard to hit!

Much easier to grab!

Caleb Plant

Rat-a-tat tat!

Has the tools to deliver the grand plan

On November 6th he will supplant

El famoso boxeador Canelo Alvarez

As pound-for-pound boxing’s best!

Making history via unifyng the titles across his chest

As super-middleweight champ!

Mother Carman and daughter Alia will be participating in the winning elan!

Put your hard-earned money on the fighter

From the Tennesseean city of Ashland!

P.S. – All did not go as planned

Good fight plan

Could not hurt the Mexican Boxing Champ man

Saul Canelo Alvarez has a great chin

To go along with superior boxing skills

Much respect to Caleb Plant

For making the spirited stand!

The Last Stand of Gropey


Angrier than Grumpy

More demented than Dopey

The Eighth Dwarf

Fell short on the debate stage

Last night

The Last Stand of Gropey

Eschewing democratic norms

Of conceding graciously

When the Election is lost

Gropey will not wash his hands clean

Of denigrating American democracy

No matter the aftermath of election cost

Gropey was nominated

By the Republican Party faithful

Gropey’s action in his Presidential campaign run

Can only be described as disgraceful




The Nazis!

Trump and his supplicants!

And racist Forest Gump’s utopia!

Does not matter if you don’t know me but

Vilification supports supposed superior thought

Learned and taught via exposure

Unmoored from nature

Xenophobia runs through history’s veins

Thriving and surviving



Reveling in its come-uppance with the herd

As slithery as a serpent in the tall grass

Poised to strike!

When dismissed as an amorphous after-thought

Show and Tell

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Poems are originally thought out


The words flow from mind to page

Me-thinks they will age well

As the conjurer believes in the efficacy of his spells

No need to sell

Only bring forth what is initiated

Reader officiated!

From the ether to spoken word

The universe is listening!

And has heard

As assuredly as the waking sounds of the morning cooing birds!

Dear Interpreter can intake and partake

Meld and mold

Store to drink more

Savor as they build up their own hearty holistic well!

Utilized to fortify the mind!

Sharpening the ability to recognize The Show from the tell

Deontay Wilder and the Right to Might Black Mjolnir

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Deontay Wilder

Murderous fighter!



The Black Mjolnir will find ya!

Seek and destroy!

Focused and poised

The Bronze Bomber

Calm cool and collected

Tune out the noise

Third time is a charm!

Too late!

Call your mum

The fighter with the strongest will-power wins the scrum!

The terminal “guards up “reminder

Someone forgot to turn on the alarm!

Lightning strikes with a fury!

No need for a jury

The calm always comes before the storm

The stars have aligned!

Time to unwind

The rumbling numbing straight right hand of Deontay Wilder!

Lights out!

Knockout time!

Self-Proclaimed Patriots Purported Metamorphosis and Armchair General Dis-Service

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American living-room armchair Generals

Have never served a day

Nay! even a minute in service!

Either as volunteer

Officer or conscript

Is this why your undying conception of soldier and citizen is flipped?

Soldiers salute the flag!

As part of their duty to honor and protect their Motherland

Great American citizens

With hand over heart these good citizens commit to

Protesting democratically on economic

Social and political issues

Deemed necessary as emissaries to make a stand

The military was composed

To ensure the American Liberty Bell will always ring

It is my fervent distinction to have served in the United States Army

Defending the rights so hard fought for in American history past

Via such esteemed Americans as Frederick Douglass

John Brown

Malcolm X

Sojourner Truth

Helen Keller

Muhammad Ali

Susan B. Anthony

And Dr. Martin Luther King.

– 101st Airborne Soldier

Karl Heinrich Marx

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Karl Heinrich Marx was a German writer and intellectual

Who explained how a capitalist society works

The process

The mechanics

The reasoning

And thus the irrational quirks

Many of  the philosopher




Political theorist


And socialist revolutionary Marx teachings are utilized to invest in capital by Wall Street firms

His onerous tomes explaining the means and manifestations of capitalism

Are simply a technical tutorial roadmap for Citizens/ consumers

In understanding the inner workings of capitalism for the unlearned

The Poor Least Department

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The Poor Least Department

A mother and her son

Were killed in Jamaica Queens on 183rd Street

When a raging flood

Tore through their “hood”

And into their “Illegal” basement apartment

Drowning them to the quick!

Along with the rodents mice cockroaches and assorted insects

Of their fleeting life sustaining

Solvent oxygen allotment

Thoughts and prayers!

Will be the usual societal comportment

Yet no economic

Social nor political change will be enacted

Or sought after for after this shameful development!

How can the richest society on Earth!

Allow these types of ongoing societal crimes

To go on recklessly with abandon

The only “fix” sought being some individual punishment

Carried out by the Police Department

The Free Market Frankenstein Monster Society

Cares little for shining light

To these unfortunate scrimping kinds

The tragedies are suffered

And paid for on “others” dime

Turn the page

Nothing to find?

Only the heartbreak of the families

Of the sick imperiled and dying of

The Poor Least Department