Kittums The Cat

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Kittums the Cat

Believes that Millie the Hound

Is his Mom!

Adopted as a wee two-week old kitten

From the local food mart

None of his unusual upbringing

Has given him qualms?

I even nicknamed him Kee-yahm!

He has always returned home to our abode

Known for its loving care

Exhibiting his fondness for the home

With a preternatural calm

Perhaps he was too young departed

Of his beloved fam’

To miss his brethren

And his Dearest Dam!

Thankfully he does not seem in any way impaired

Cats are solitary in their ways

Cryptically Kittums has never acquired

The environmental alley-cat taste of the strays

As a strong independent-minded cat

He does things his way

Looks like he is here to stay!

Purring all the way

As he brushes his body and wagging tail

Each morning

Before vittles

On Millie The Hound’s face

And mine legs!

Picking me up from the dregs

With a specious smile and devoted gaze

Ready in a flash!

To scratch and claw away any intruder!

Who attempts to bring into his comfortable world



Jake Paul

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Pop! Pop!

Make you drop!

Fall down hard!

Who needs a scorecard?

Disney fighter taking on Mixed Martial Arts?

Does the Mickey Mouse boxer have the toughness?

The skills?

The smarts?

One thing is for certain once the bell rings

If Jake Paul magnanimously wins

To Tyronne Woodley’s chagrin

He will have proven he has the chin

To continue his knock-out sins

From America to Berlin

As the You-Tube star’s opponents big stage headlight ends

The brash new age sweet science marauder’s

Pugilistic journey violently begins

With pomp circumstance

A heavy vicious right hand

And a sly grin

The Icy Realm to Safety of the Moderna Vaccine

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The second Moderna vaccine created whole body chills!

Head to toe had taken leisure to entertain an Arctic thrill!

As I shivered in bed thinking of my personal safety amongst the pandemic dread

A feeling of tranquility engrossed me as I lay icily twitching in the chamber bed

Hath I garnered individual safety from the Covid-19 disease?

Surely my headache general discomfort and the most cold carnal chilling sensations will matter than least!

Eventually I pondered the effects would wane from the vaccine

Possibly I could entertain the anti-vaccine complainants with my most flavorful holiday roast beast!

To explain my treatise on the beneficial prospects of the Covid vaccines!

And banish their fears of a horrid outcome from a gaping incision!

Their muscles growing bigger!

As they turned horribly Hulk green?

Then it was when I realized!

My future prospects had turned from frightening!




Dark and positively bleak!

To bright sunny!

Community honey


Colorful flowers

Green grass

And fantastically sanguine!

Cornel West

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Cornel West

On the Love Train quest!





These spirited attributes constantly being put to the economic social and political test!

Professor West

Cuts radically against the grain

Invested in the W.E.B. Dubois styled societal conquest

Contemplation of his oration

Thus is to find for the mind

Inheriting as it were

An intellectual treasure chest

Father Time and the Adventures into the Cinematic Sublime

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Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world she walks into mine!

Kitty and the movie-land Walter Mitty!

Old Movie to VHS Tape Mastermind!

Thespian roles by Humphrey Bogart

James Cagney

Errol Flynn

The Zorro Serials

King Kong (original)

Sherlock Holmes (Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce)

Along with instructions on the exploits of Babe Ruth

Joe Dimaggio (The Greatest)

Mickey Mantle

And dissecting and prospecting New York Yankees games!

Television moments to wonder at Pop’s sudden display of emotions!

Windows through time into his personality

Thoughts and notions!

He would invite you to watch the early film masterpieces

And suddenly become emotive and outspoken!

Tears would flow down his cheeks!

As he opened up inside!

I could hear his mind opine!

The subtext of Don Joseph Reith’s greatest dreams

And reality intertwined

Whereas generally these displays of expressive reaction

From Pops

Were hard to find!

The inability to show his feelings were a tell-tale sign

Of his Silent Generation Silver Screen times

These classics seemed dipped with a magic psychosomatic potion

Here was the solitary place Father

Would enter into the world

His wildest dreams unfurled

Inside the cinematic sublime

Western Imperialism and the Land of Afghanistan

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How much money have we spent in Afghanistan?

What has the United State war accomplished there in 20 years?

Why should we put more domestic American trillion dollars in arrears?

Can military Imperialism overtake all obstacles?

Other than wasting more time and joy

With our military toys?

Burning structures and capital

Soldiers and civilian casualty tears

Best to leave well enough alone

Let the Afghani’s and Taliban

Settle their ancestral home

Did not Constantine?

The Barbarians and the Vandals

Lead to the fall of Rome?

Shalt we deal more honestly?

Natural resources are not mined for democracy but economy

With integrity

For posterity

Our international and domestic

Terrorist fears

Kevin Durant – The Black Panther – National Anthem

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Have to give it up for KD and the American team

When the Olympic Games started their play was not super clean

Then Milwaukee Buck Champs

Jrue Holiday and Khris Middleton

And post-season runner-up Phoenix Sun Devin Booker

Came on the basketball scene

Soon the USA Basketball team started playing a stifling defense and running the offense like hoop-star fiends!

France at first glance

Did not seem to belong in the Big Dance

With the prodigious NBA All-Stars

Yet Rudy Gobert (Utah Jazz), Evan Fournier (NY Knicks), Nicolas Batum (LA Clippers) and point guard Nando De Colo (Knicks should sign immediately) ignited a winners-take-all war!

If you put Kevin Durant on the French roster

As The Black Panther Imposter!

I believe then the story would go

The Frenchman celebrating

Paris wins the 2021 Olympic Basketball gold!

Yet Kevin Durant proved like fine wine from the Napa Valley

The best athletes age swell!

As his gifted American superstar performance

Cool as a cucumber

Primed to excel


Never gets old

On Economic Social and Political Debate with a Republican

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On Economic Social and Political Debate with a Republican

The intention is to bully the “other”

Into realizing the superior way

First by misrepresenting

“The radical left’s point of view”

In a macabre mocking

And fearful hyperbolic sway

Creating the distortion

Then arguing against the abortion

If the other does not adhere

To how the Republican “instructional conversation?” is played

Then the citizen protesters are deemed anti-patriotic



Against the police

Flag destroyers

National anthem dissenters

Pledge of allegiance dismissers

Christmas anti-carolers

Enemies of God

And assigned to the anti-citizens plague



Democratic debate

Does not mitigate the distorted disinformation

Of its devoted believers

Part in parcel of the perennial

Superior Consumers!

Anti-progressive political outrage machine outbreak

Praying fervently for the return of the Narcissistic One!

The actors in the play to sway violently against the democratic instinct

To create the return of the Fuhrer-istic

Wholly Business Oligarchs and Fascist state

A Walk at Rockaway Beach with My Hound Millie Naturally

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How fortunate am I!

As I traversed to and fro

My sagacious hound Milly alongside me

At my beck and call

Transversing along the sunny Rockaway Beach shoreline

My! Oh! My!

What did I find!
Bounding above the waves

A school of jet black dolphins!

Merrily bobbing their dorsal fins up and down!

By the bye!

I can attest from yonder beach sands

None wore frowns!

After a brief repose

My staunch steadfast pooch

Savoring the coolest shadows

On the steps of a quaint neighborhood church

I felt a lurch?

A hunch!

Nay! A fervent need!

To read!

A sumptuous tome

The Intellectualist’s Gourmet

As I approached the library

To mine self be true

I softly intimately queried

Will their be a rich set of printed works

Make its presence known

To literally make my day?

Or a bunch of mis-mash

Literary scaliwags!

From the lower end theory

Well whattaya know!

It should have come adorned with a big red bow!

A fascinatingly new book on science and Edgar Allan Poe!

Despite the most terrible Long Covid headaches!

The syndromes rabid inner aspiration to aversion to the slightest of sound

Light and heat sensitivity!

Nervous systemic chronic problems and all!

I gently hath realized in full

Twas this the day my fortunes are turning!
Smiling widely!

Convinced of the fruits

Bared wholly on my epic journey

I walked out into the fresh air

My thoughts at once

Becoming supernaturally clear

I entered wistfully on my new healing path

Savoring the blue skies and green grass!

And closed the frightening past

With its torturous and painful path

With the subtle closing

Assisted via gravity!

Of the library door

I hath entered the palliative path

That will lead me to subsequent holistic and profound sunny shores

Ignore Amos

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Ignorance precludes learning

One does not commit racist acts

Cause he/ she is discerning

One does not expect rodents

To stay out of the garbage

Such it is with vermin

Nazis are not always German




Do not always determine

History lessons will not convert all from their societal subversion

Trapped in their own man-made cage

With their insolence and perversion

So it is!

With the Superior Racecraft mindset

Haughty unholy beings internment