The Carving of the Path to American Racecraft

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The act of racism

“Whiteness and blackness” energized

By a kind of Witchcraft

Carried on each generation

The man-made creation

Racecraft created the social anti-benevolent atmosphere

To spread like a menacing wild-fire

American Doctors




Presidents and Commoners alike

Supported the vicious Indian occupation

And pernicious enslavement of black and brown population subjugation

Reinforced by a sinister insinuation

Held up as Gospel

In every “white” racist’s constitution

As supernatural intuition

The hegemonic eugenic presentation!

American Indians and Negros were savages!


The sole evidence provided for their supposed inferiority?

Their culture

Native lands

And skin pigmentation


To Be Or Not To Be On The Precipice of Avarice

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The little boy noticed

Avarice Avarice!

It’s spoken with an awful hiss!

He’d seen the effects on Dear Father’s attempts

To be free of its voracity

And when it seeps surreptitiously

Inside ones body and soul

It intimates proudly for riches power and gold

At once its wretched plans take hold

To set an angels heart

From the illuminating warmth of sun-rays

To dank dark outer-space

A place bereft of feeling and bitterly cold

The Black Hound and The Racecraft

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The white cockerspaniel dog

Barked smugly at the black sheperd hound

Know your place man!

This is a race land!

Wag your tail if you dare

At the Racecraft

Jive dingo turkey!

The black and gray tail bolted upright

Then moving quite herky-jerky

I don’t believe the color of my coat defines me!

The One

Who hath designed me

Hath provided a superior nose

The ability to track down friends and foes

Why these humans at Westminster even give me a show!

What manner of wolfish reason do you suppose?

Would select the dark tincture of my fur

To subject me to the dingy alleys and shallows?

Every living animal knows this is preposterous!

Don’t you suppose?

Death Care

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When I went to see the local doctor

His secretary informed me it could not be arranged

She politely claimed my insurance would not get him adequately paid

I was left with no medical care

Now you aver doctors are being treated lame?

Seems the whole health care system

Is just a money-making insurance company profit charade

Doctor never cared when my union was decimated by greedy developers

Who want to continually fatten their corporations/ CEO lions share

And my livelihood was decimated and waylaid

Nor the fact that physicians provide no medical assistance to millions of Americans

Left out in the cold

As symptoms grow worse as they get old

With what should more properly be called Death Care

Time for Medicare For All to take care of the people’s



And vision problems

Be aware!

Death Care is mainly about insurance companies and doctors getting paid


Covid-19 Dreams

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Covid-19 dreams

Vivid and obscene

Car crash victim

To lovely colorful luminescent flowers!

In fields of green


Thunder-bolt crash!

Poignant conversations with strange people on the political scene?

Days spent all alone at the emergency room

People staring through the window?

You can see the sensing of the present doom?

Should we meet?

The just born killer disease

Taking me for the long ride

Mind on fire

Doctor can only hope in time the inflammation will cease

Brain-addled will it skedaddle?

Disappear one day far out to sea?

Finally declare the reprieve

Corona-virus 19 dreams

From the future the present and the Anthropocene

Of going back to little old me

Stranded on the island

Of the Long Covid Syndrome periphery

The Young Bear and the Cost of Sith The Sloth

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At once the young bear hibernating in a cave

Heard a sound?

It seemed in his dreams

A marsupial wave?

Sith The Sloth peered down In his quizzical way

Scrunchy looking a little bit punch-drunky

Settled in eyes piercing with an empirical gaze!

Will it be Solidarity!

Or Anarchy?

Without moving a muscle Bradypus torquatus said?

The alarming thought unmoored the entire essence of the young bear

As his interrupted slumber

Forced him to awake

Darkness enveloped

As if portending his fate

The Spirit of Belief

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For tis not the Torah

The Gospel

Nay any holy ancient hand-written scribes!

Omitting all current acquired intellect and technological vibes

The second-hand relegation on the journey of the daughters mothers and wives?

The proclamation of honesty!

We proclaim earnestly to perceive

And piously universally prescribe

Such eruditeness of integrity is rarely seen now

Nor was in the Anthropocene

Tis the nature of the human being!

Wherein the surrounding environment

The evolving and involving herd

Tuned in meticulously to the In-Group word!

And the inner want of feeling life fortuitously

Superiorly gleaned

The path forward

Straightforward and clean!

Tis emotion which grants the pious notion!

To our most coveted

Righteous upright primal thoughts!

Thus Spirit tilts us!

Towards belief

Why Maya Wiley?

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Why Maya Wiley?

Don’t you know?

The lady signifies significant change from the ever-present

Never prescient status quo!

The still ascendant failed neo-liberal economic policies that only float the monied yacht boats

Never quantified

Only lionized!

By Individualist celebrity and billionaire icons and Trump ignoramus “superior” show-boats

No moats necessary for the middle-class and poor?

When you lose a job, have a negative health-care event, take care of sick, elderly, disabled or mentally ill family members, cannot afford college for your children, do not have any money for retirement, have to go to the food pantry to pay the bills?

Current cultural economic and social policies are how about endure!

Do you want us to continue the failed policies made more endemic in the pandemic!

We say not!

It is time to throw out the trash and clean up the rot!

We need space to prepare the economic, social, and political soup for the hungry melting pot!

Maya Wiley can help bring forth Medicare-For-All

The pandemic has exposed the failed death care run by the insurance companies political cabal

Defund the Police!

That is not what Maya Wiley is about!

More like NOT having the police solely solving? all of our community problems utilizing their penal system clout

Maya Wiley will get rid of all the drug gangs with one swipe of the pen

Why then legalizing drugs takes the illicit drug money out of the game

Now what will these violent gangsters have to defend?

Drug effects education and mental health care take the stigma off those drug users needing to mend

Maya Wiley will champion the right to unionize and give workers a big boost to their overall economic well-being

Maya Wiley will get rid of the capitalist hucksters robbing workers through crooked schemes

Fleecing the pockets of the poor with false advertising du jour

Taking advantage of American dreaming

Maya Wiley is about change!

$15 an hour minimum wage!

Any economy hums better when the workers are well-paid

Equipped with health-care dental care vision benefits

And a Social safety net aid

Our next Mayor of New York City

Will be the woman community activist

Not afraid to set the stage

Turn the economic, social, and political page

Towards the new and more prosperous Progressive Age!

Do not mess with “The Conservative Lady’ – Liz Cheney

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Do not mess with “The Lady”

Conservative leader Liz Cheney!

Rigorous debate can be made to direct sound Amerian policy

Progressively propelling us past the current tribal politics fallacy

But a lie

Oh my!

Is a lie!

Ask the little boy who cried wolf what exactly did his false inquiry provide?

Fixed against the American peaceful transfer of power

The mendacity takes on a new anti-democratic life

Followers of the Dear Leader

Mob rule

Cancel culture!

Deep state vultures!

Fake News!

Create an unnatural loyalty for democratic brave voices to subside

Truth to sing the blues!

Desensitizing all to only the naked power of the thrilling political ride!

History will provide “The Lady”

Liz Cheney

With her proper placement

In the anti-fascist fight

“The Conservative Lady” is positioned on the right side

History always provides the guide!

In a space where the scoundrels and cowards are left no place to hide

The Fateful Dance with Covid-19

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Twas a windy Saturday morn

When would hit my home

A virulent violent storm!

All at once I was beset with a raging high-grade fever

On Sunday eve my constitution had become noticeably weaker

Mounting nausea propelled me to the bathroom

To do the old heave- ho!

In a moment I had fainted!

Unknowingly blacked out!

My face striking the bathroom floor!

My adoring wife Eva

Found me prostrate there

A bloody mess!

I fainted once more

And fell face-first once again to the floor

As my health situation rapidly digressed

Two days in the emergency room at St John’s Episcopal Hospital

They monitored my vitals

Injected me with monoclonal antibodies

To ease the illness duress

As I pondered life


And ruminated on my funeral epitaph recitals

What saved me is that my immune system did not initially overreact

The dreaded Covid-19 disease you see

Causes ones own immune system in certain people

To go on the attack!

A fortuitous circumstance!

As i lay on the intensive care bed rack

Had my breathing measuring a constant 95

Stable and intact

So I am still here!

Not yet quite clear

When I will be able to carry on the daily task

To all of you!

I must behoove!

Do not let your guard down and go outside without wearing your mask!

Alas upon returning home from the Intensive Care Unit

To my buoyant hound Milly

In my sparse humble abode

I experienced a terrible inflammation within my noggin!

My nodes felt as if they were ready to explode!

Feeling as if the top of my head was exposed!

Terrible headaches for two months ensued!

T’wen it was finally via my neurologist I received the good news?

I had made it through my long-term trial with the cutthroat viral disease Covid-19

Yet the nerves at the side of my head

Running down to the base of my neck

Had been torpedoed as if by a submarine!


Screaming Meemies!

The whim-whams defile my being!

I shudder!

I rage!

I vent!

I howl and mutter!

Stuttering aghast at my painful healing!

In vain

The diseased villain racks my brain

Foul insolence!

Doth not let my enduring pain!

Be lost on those unfortunate souls

The viral beast thrives on to remain

The Old


And insane

Why dither and complain!

With not a smidgeon of mortal soul induced shame

Refusing to be administered the readily available bioavailable Covid-19 vaccine!