There is an old saying that goes “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.” But what happens when the link cedes its hold and the entirety of the chain goes tumbling end over end down into the dark abyss? Monozygotic (“identical”) twins Comparison of zygote development in monozygotic and dizygotic twins. InContinue reading “RINSE AND REPEAT LATHERS”


Look again Towards the breadbasket of civilization They hold up a mirror To our own looming confrontation Upon the beautiful shores of Greece Comes a class warfare That has divided the cultural peace Forced down his throat The Noble Greek will not swallow The European Austerity Plan He’s expected to follow Damning their working classContinue reading “HAVE AND HAVE NOTS”


The mountains so majestic Looming in the sky Cannot speak out loud The lions roar To let you know That their growing pride is proud The Dolphins jump and play That’s their way If you are in a boat you can see The insects pollinate At their own rate Busily buzzing like a bee TheContinue reading “MOTHER EARTH’S PRAYER”


To fathom the disagreeable I’ve discerned Is to not let your hostilities Blow up much too rash For life has it’s many Incongruities That hide in plain sight Like a cat poised to strike In the high grass When tempests are testing your Infallibility To go on Without unleashing A personal blast Use your witContinue reading “LAUGHTER THE BEST MEDICINE”