Rueth the humanly outcasts No envious transgressions Shall shadow their path Traveleth they As if in a desert Where water Like empathy Is scarce Thine innate riches stripped to the bone Guilty! Of economic hardship They traverse the region Looking for shelter Helter skelter To lay their weary head And protecteth their tools Reminiscing ofContinue reading “Outcast”


Celebrate your differences And commune On what you have in tune There’s room enough On God’s green earth To feel the sun Or bay the moon Enjoy each others delicacies Take a siesta Sometimes When it’s noon Get along with peoples From shore to shore Cause ain’t that what Life is for?      


Sinister Minister Of Information Watson’s IBM’s New Technological Creation Will He Fill Human’s Life With Glee Or Will He Be Like Hal’s 2001 A Space Odyssey Winning Jeopardy Is A Sterling Orientation As Long As This Ain’t The Beginning Of A Machine Take-Over Orchestration        


  Bear witness with your presence To when the gifted hatchlings fly Outstretched wings glide Though withering The seasons have overtaken me Tis no time to say goodbye Listen to the thunder It’s clapping Imploring from way up high Bear witness with your presence To when the gifted hatchlings fly In the daytime I’ve builtContinue reading “BEAR WITNESS WITH YOUR PRESENCE”