Historical facts are the foundations of societies Structurally carrying the weight of the dead and live loads Time has a way of revealing societal improprieties Dissecting impartially; ideologies and economic, social and political modes Without the help of any diety’s Or other dogma we’ve been sold Past reflection offers sobriety To the lies we haveContinue reading “HIS STORY”


Rueth the humanly outcasts No envious transgressions Shall shadow their path Traveleth they As if in a desert Where water Like empathy Is scarce Thine innate riches stripped to the bone Guilty! Of economic hardship They traverse the region Looking for shelter Helter skelter To lay their weary head And protecteth their tools Reminiscing ofContinue reading “Outcast”

A Better Day

A better day Has come my way From where it came from Well who can say? There are no worries To allay Or fretful pacing To undue delay No thrust upon circumstances Sure to betray Or controlling people Who want things done Their way Wow! Look at the tree! Such a beautiful bluejay! See yaContinue reading “A Better Day”

Flashbacks to a Presidential Campaign

    Breaking news out of the Vice Presidential Foreign Policy Instructional Intervention Joe Biden joining with the Middle Class Union/Workers and Poor To raise their dissension The winds are howling at the “Free Market” drivers Who drove the car into the ditch They’re trying to spin Through the wind That we are jealous ofContinue reading “Flashbacks to a Presidential Campaign”


How jolly I am feeling! As I toss people aside the aisle You better get out of my way today Hilfiger puts me on to style How merry ’tis the prices There’ll be no sticker pain This old chap’s trying to get the last LCD TV! I think I’ll trip his cane How joyfulness isContinue reading “HOLIDAY SHOPPING”


Growing up in Astoria, Queens in New York City in the 1970s; I looked up to my father as most all young boys are want to do. He drew me into some of his favorite lifelong passions, such as New York Yankee baseball, Humphrey Bogart and James Cagney movies. There was also a colorful, andContinue reading “SHAZAM!”


Celebrate your differences And commune On what you have in tune There’s room enough On God’s green earth To feel the sun Or bay the moon Enjoy each others delicacies Take a siesta Sometimes When it’s noon Get along with peoples From shore to shore Cause ain’t that what Life is for?      


Sinister Minister Of Information Watson’s IBM’s New Technological Creation Will He Fill Human’s Life With Glee Or Will He Be Like Hal’s 2001 A Space Odyssey Winning Jeopardy Is A Sterling Orientation As Long As This Ain’t The Beginning Of A Machine Take-Over Orchestration        


Inside your belly I started to bloom We were together I in your womb I felt your love Both body and soul You nurtured me Until I was whole I knew your voice Before I saw the light Your crying face Was my first sight You sang to me A lullaby Came by my sideContinue reading “MOTHER NATURE”