If I were the King of the Forest I’d have a laptop installed in every tree A GPS for lionesses Robots for cleaning messes There’d be no need for marking territory With pee If I were the King of the Forest I’d stop this stuff Of parading around in the buff There’d be a lawContinue reading “KING OF THE FOREST”


  Springtime is The rebirth of trees The busy buzzing Of the bees The birds come back In flock again To chirp along With their brethren The insects make Their presence known For they still have A place to roam There is one who’s alarm Is set to Spring The big ole bear Who’s beenContinue reading “SPRING TIME”


Look again Towards the breadbasket of civilization They hold up a mirror To our own Looming confrontation Upon the beautiful shores of Greece Comes a class warfare That has divided the cultural peace Forced down his throat the Noble Greek Will not swallow The European Austerity Plan He’s expected to follow Damning their working classContinue reading “HAVES AND HAVENOTS”