I am the Shape-Shifting Media Shakespearean Corporate Hyperion Capitalist Nosferatu Who really gives a damn! A pachyderm Horton hears a Who? Shapeshifting blood subsisting Vampire from Kalamazoo Got my parasitic Anti-civic banksters To grab all your loot Pre existing monolithic Immortal? Immersed in Kung-Fu Got This Soft Frenchy Fuqua Dude Screaming out “Merci! Sacre bleu!”Continue reading “SHAPE-SHIFTING CORPORATE HYPERION NOSFERATU”


I’ve just come from a Dark Place Darker than any Cave you can find This place is full of Shadows Thieves Muggers and others Assorted Swine I’ve crept around corners And tried avoiding eyes Heard weird sounds And bumped into a red-eyed vagrant Sipping on a bottle of wine Finally Have come to a NeonContinue reading “THE INNER RECESSES OF YOUR MIND”


Can you feel the stirring wind? What does it mean When will it end What things of joy does it portend A new beginning or bitter end Will we be lovers or still best friends Can we start over and make amends Can you feel the stirring wind? Is this really how the change beginsContinue reading “THE STIRRING WIND”


  Government Predilations Into Covert Mind Control Hallucinations Creating Manchurian Candidate Manifestations Leading To JFK RFK And MLK Assassinations Which Are Explicit Abominations To Be Enacted On God’s Creations But With The Subtle Changing Of The Conversations The Flooded Plains of Competing Theory Provocations They Have Subdued Any Interest In These Situations


Injustice likes to operate In dank and dark places Injustice doesn’t want to be recognized By it’s attributes or faces Injustice goes slinking around Staying away from the light In this way Injustice can play Using all of his might You won’t find Injustice All dolled up at the ball Or making loud jokes OnContinue reading “INJUSTICE”