Flashbacks to a Presidential Campaign

    Breaking news out of the Vice Presidential Foreign Policy Instructional Intervention Joe Biden joining with the Middle Class Union/Workers and Poor To raise their dissension The winds are howling at the “Free Market” drivers Who drove the car into the ditch They’re trying to spin Through the wind That we are jealous ofContinue reading “Flashbacks to a Presidential Campaign”


How jolly I am feeling! As I toss people aside the aisle You better get out of my way today Hilfiger puts me on to style How merry ’tis the prices There’ll be no sticker pain This old chap’s trying to get the last LCD TV! I think I’ll trip his cane How joyfulness isContinue reading “HOLIDAY SHOPPING”


  I shall layeth down my cloak of redemption It shall cleaneth you of all manner of compensation For just as my temperament doth squabble feebly with the present foibles of my most difficult current hostilities Time Sweet majestic Unwavering time Doth reconcile in me An assurance of tranquility Shall invade my troubled waters AndContinue reading “FORGIVE FOR TIME HEALS ALL WOUNDS”


Injustice likes to operate In dank and dark places Injustice doesn’t want to be recognized By it’s attributes or faces Injustice goes slinking around Staying away from the light In this way Injustice can play Using all of his might You won’t find Injustice All dolled up at the ball Or making loud jokes OnContinue reading “INJUSTICE”