On questions of military actions of yore Or more presently That Americans are asked to endure Yet more Taxpayer funded Shock and Awe While millions are unemployed And without healthcare on our shore What is it all for? With all of it’s death Mutilations, And gore The American government wants us to See itContinue reading “THE QUEST-ION OF WAR”


Writer’s block Hard as rock My brain seems covered By a smock Wait up you! Something’s coming through Hope its not Some hullabaloo Oh snaps Damn! How About Uncle Sam! When The Hell Is He Getting Out of Afghanistan!


  Government Predilations Into Covert Mind Control Hallucinations Creating Manchurian Candidate Manifestations Leading To JFK RFK And MLK Assassinations Which Are Explicit Abominations To Be Enacted On God’s Creations But With The Subtle Changing Of The Conversations The Flooded Plains of Competing Theory Provocations They Have Subdued Any Interest In These Situations